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Sat Jun 1 0

Therapeutic Harp Music Course

De Zingende Snaar
Markt 7, Leerdam, Nederland

You can find more information on this course here.

At the moment this course is taught in Dutch. If you are interested in taking an English version of the course, please contact me through the contact form.

Tue Jun 1 3

Harfentreffen 2017

Fritz-Ebel-Allee 50, 36341, Lauterbach, Duitsland

5 tays of fun with your harp in a youth hostel in Germany.
Always lovely people and great teachers, what else would you want from a harp festival?
More information can be found here.

Fri Jun 2 3

Midsummernight concert

Kerk aan Oude Kerkhof te Bemmel
Oude Kerkhof 13, Bemmel, Nederland

Midsummernight concert at the chruch on Oude Kerkhof in Bemmel.

The Nieuw Betuws Kamerkoor celebrates her first lustrum!
Of course this will be done in a musical way. During our traditional and popular Midsummernight concert we will showcase some of the high lights of the past five years. From exuberant to medetative, from Haydn to Gershwin, with piano or harp. Let yourself be surpriced by the melodies that are new for you or enjoy the melodies you recognise. We will have a drink after the concert to celebrate our lustrum together.
This concert will feature: harpist Anouk Platenkamp and pianist Petra Polman.
Entry € 10,00. Tickets are available from June 6th at Boekhandel Polman, Bruna Huissen, or via this website and at the start of the concert.