Anouk Platenkamp

Artist Category: Teacher

Early Childhood Music Education

Because of the birth of her son ( in 2015), Anouk decided to start making more of her interest in music for babies and toddlers. That is why she started training as an Early Childhood Music Educator in 2017. Early childhood music lessons are meant for children from 0 to 4 years of age, together […]

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Anouk has developed two courses that allow students to learn in a group. The group dynamic adds an extra dimension to the learning process, allowing students to practise new techniques with each other and help each other progress. Over the period of the course students are encouraged to keep in touch and share their experiences, […]

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Over the years Anouk has taught many workshops, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Her compassionate teaching style makes her a well-loved workshop leader for both beginners and advanced players. The list of workshops below are ones that Anouk has taught in the past and can be repeated at any time. She is always interested […]

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Anouk teaches at her studio in Nijmegen and at the music school Kleve (DE). Her philosophy is that anyone can learn to play the harp; children and adults, male or female, whether you already have musical experience or the harp is your first instrument. From the very beginning, the sound of the harp will enchant […]

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