Anouk Platenkamp


Over the years Anouk has taught many workshops, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Her compassionate teaching style makes her a well-loved workshop leader for both beginners and advanced players.

The list of workshops below are ones that Anouk has taught in the past and can be repeated at any time. She is always interested in developing new workshops, either on her own volition or by request.
Anouk loves to come and teach, whether it is for a group of harp friends or at a harp festival. For detailed workshop descriptions or questions about the possibility to follow or organise a workshop with Anouk, feel free to contact her through the contact form on this website.
A few of the possibilities:

– Improvisation and creative writing for harp

Takes participants through exercises to start them improvising on a bass-pattern. Once the bass is going there will be time to concentrate on the melody and how to fit an improvisation to a piece.
The next step after improvising is composing. The class will go over some creative exercises to get ideas for compositions and Anouk will give tips on how to retain ideas to use them in a composition later.

– Therapeutic harp music

An introduction to playing therapeutic music on the harp. The class lets students experience the different modes that are used to create a mood for the listener. Students will learn the basics of improvising in the modes. All of it is complemented by the personal experiences of playing therapeutic music in different setting that Anouk will share, and tips and tricks she has learned over the years.

– Music theory in practice: applied theory for the harp

Did you know that music theory can actually be fun? It is when it helps you better understand the music that you are playing! Anouk will take students over scales, arpeggios and intervals and show students how these concept can benefit their playing. Students are encouraged to bring pieces they are working on, to analyse these in the workshop to better understand them.

– The secret of playing by ear

This class is for anyone who has never played by ear, or has trouble playing by ear. During the class students learn what to listen for in new tunes so they can be broken down in smaller pieces to be easier to learn. They will also work on exercises to enhance their musical hearing and rhythm perception, which will help learning new tunes. By learning a new tune, students experience the merits of learning by ear and be able to immediately use the concepts learned In the workshop.

– Nederfolk! Dutch music for harp

Many harpists play traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and even Scandinavia, but try to find traditional Dutch music on harp and you will come up empty…well, almost empty, for now Anouk has gone back in Dutch history and rediscovered traditional Dutch music. She has arranged these tunes dating from the 17th century to suit a modern audience, and this is how Nederfolk was born.