Anouk Platenkamp

Kaap’ren varen Traditional Dutch Folk – Volume 1

Modern arrangement of traditional Dutch songs, both for harp solo and harp & voice. The songs are from within the Dutch language area. Some of the songs originated in Flanders, but were sang all over the Netherlands (and parts of Germany); music knows no boundaries. Our (grand-) parents used to sing these songs, but they are mostly unfamiliar to younger generations.
The songs are lovely to play as solo pieces but also very well suited to play in elderly homes so the residents can sing along.

The book contains two versions of every song:
1. A solo version for harpists who would like to play the melody rather than sing it.
2. An accompaniment for harpists who would like to accompany a singer or sing while playing.
Every arrangement consists of two parts; the first part for post-beginners and harps with 26 strings, the second part for more advanced players and harps with 34 strings or more. The arrangements can be played in full, but the parts also sound good on their own.

Harp solo, Harp & Voice
Arrangements for post-beginners and advanced players.
A few of the more advanced arrangements require lever changes.
For troubadour harps (26 strings), lever harp (34 strings or more) or pedal harp.

The book contains an introduction and a desciption of the songs in English, plus arrangements of the following songs:
Kaap’ren Varen
Komt vrienden in het ronde
Allen die willen naar Island gaan
Er waren twee koningskinderen
Heer Halewijn
Een middagslaapje
Het kwezelken
Ons Bootje
Het zandmannetje