Anouk Platenkamp

Therapeutic Harp Music Course

For anyone who wants to play for people who are ill or have a disability.
In this course we will work on the basic principles of making music with the therapeutic goal: by adapting music to the person you play for, creating a safe, familiar environment in which healing can take place optimally.
The course covers the following aspects of playing on a therapeutic basis:
– experience the modes
– play in different modes
– improvise in the modes
– making a musical sound cradle for the client
– resonance tone
– preparation of the repertoire
– dealing with the client
– compose for a client
The course focuses on the technical aspects of the harp game and provides an opportunity to share your own experiences with others.

The course takes place on 8 Saturdays of 4 hours of education, 1 of which is practice day in a nursing home.
Students must bring a harp with them, a harp can also be rented for the afternoon.